The Collections

Inspired by her passion for art, architecture, and travel, Joanne Stoker’s collections draw from these and are translated into a piece of art we can all wear every day.

Like any artist, her work is recognisable by distinct signatures; architectural heels which evidence Stoker’s love of cubism, strong shapes reflective of Stoker’s obsession with architecture. Yet her addition of eclectic materials and bold colours ensure a result that is fascinatingly unique.

Each pair of shoes is crafted to perfection, every detail is meticulously checked. Stoker literally searches the world for the finest, most interesting materials but everything is hand finished here in England. Whilst each shoe looks like something you would see in a gallery they are miraculously (and thankfully!), very easy to wear.

They transcend the hours of the day and the seasons as her designs take you from day to night, from May to December. Each woman will find her own individual heel that is exactly right for her, her life and her style.

Look at a pair of Joanne Stoker shoes and the geometric, black and white, sixties spring to mind. As do the highly psychedelic, chromatic seventies. Her shoes ooze twenties Bauhaus detail. And the vivid, high contrast deco style of the thirties and forties. Each collection is simply named by year. A year where the politics, culture, fashion, social mores, art and music all are influential in the designs of the shoes.

Yet, somehow, they are also firmly rooted in the here and now, irrespective of when that is. In short, timeless.


Joanne learned her art at the renowned Cordwainers College in London where she graduated with a Masters in Footwear Design.

She was spotted and mentored by Jimmy Choo before establishing her own eponymous brand.

Joanne has collaborated with numerous designers like Matthew Williamson, Dune and has along the way picked up many awards including the highly prestigious Vogue Talents Award.